Backflow Preventer Inspection

Backflow prevention devices have parts that can break down or wear out, so they must be tested and certified annually to make sure they are functioning and ready to prevent any "backflow" into the water supply. "Backflow" is very bad for water quality because it can cause bacteria, chemicals or physical contaminants to enter the water system at your home or business. All public water companies are required by law to make every effort to keep their water pure and protected from contaminants, and one way they do this is to make sure backflow prevention devices are properly fuctioning.

Nearly every imaginable business connected to public water is required to install and maintain backflow preventers, and to have them inspected annually by a certified inspector to make sure they are in perfect working order. Businesses like these must protect our water: apartments and duplexes, assisted living facitities, auto service stations, bars, car dealerships, car washes, churches, convenience stores, dentists, doctors, fire stations, funeral homes, general business offices, general warehouse and storage facilities, golf courses, hair/nail salons, hospitals, machine shops, manufacturing plants, medical centers, rehabilition centers, restaurants, retirement homes and schools, and many, many more. Any non-residence must have backflow preventers installed and then tested annually.

Backflow preventer inspection must be performed by a qualified, certified and approved inspector. Greg Ribick, "Mr. Backflow," has been certified by the American Society Of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) as a Certified Backflow Protection Assembly Tester, and can handle any and all backflow-related issues.

Additional Services We Offer

  • Optional Annual Re-Testing - You don't need to keep track of when your next inspection is due or wait for a reminder late notice from your water company; we'll just call you a month or so before your inspection is due to set an appointment.
  • After-Hours Appointments - If you're worried that the testing of your backflow preventer will interrupt your water services during your business hours, that's not a problem for us - we can set up an after-hours appointment.
  • We Do All The Paperwork - We will complete all of the forms and documents and submit them for you to your water company.

So If You Have Any Backflow Issues, Call Mr. Backflow!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an inspection of your backflow preventer / protection assembly or device, please call us at

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Greg Ribick, Mr. Backflow
Certified Backflow Technician
and Licensed Master Plumber

Backflow Inspections by Greg Ribick, an AASE Certified Technician Certified Backflow Inspection and Testing by Greg Ribick, an AASE Certified Technician and Licensed Master Plumber

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